Problem identified

TRISH Collins exquisitely highlights City of Stirling’s unsatisfactory residential waste collection service while suffering increasing rates and a hefty domestic bin levy (Three bins best, Times, February 11).

Trish correctly identifies volume as the problem. One bin is simply not large enough for everything.

Commendably, Stirling encourages greening our properties. By nature, this requires frequent mowing, pruning, raking and disposal including profuse leaves and nuts from the city’s verge Queensland Box trees.

The State Government’s incentive for local governments switching to three bins is a step in the right direction.

However, an alternative for so far intractable Stirling bureaucrats and council is compromise with two bins, plus an inclusive on-demand skip bin service such as some local governments provide.

One 240-litre bin for household waste and recyclables still could be separated by Stirling’s much-touted sorting system, with a second 240-litre bin used for greens and skip bins for occasional larger needs.

To get a second bin Stirling charges an exorbitant $181. It should follow other local governments who charge only around $40 extra for a superior two/three bin plus a skip bin service.

While Stirling staggers from calamity to flop when dealing with residential waste, (latest example is its new Waste Guide 2014) and fixation with recycle percentage awards, other local governments without fuss just get on and provide a sensibly priced service ratepayers want.

Let us hope that Stirling soon follows suit.

Sid Breeden, Scarborough