Questions about Gwelup Croatia grandstand application

Jure Denona, president of the Gwelup Croatia Soccer Club.
Jure Denona, president of the Gwelup Croatia Soccer Club.

IN response to the Times report headlined “Grandstand wrangle” about Gwelup Croatia Soccer Club’s application for a grandstand, at Stirling council’s planning and development committee meeting the club representative was asked if the club was going to join the National Premier League. The reply was no.

If the club says it was the first to build in 1988, then why was the land adjoining the field not kept for the expansion to the club in 2016?

Who owned the land and did they realise that in the future a building of the size of the grandstand would be built?

Which residents were regularly contacted by club president Jure Denona and did not object to the building? Ninety-three per cent of submissions sent to the council objected to the size of the building.

If the club felt this was an acceptable building for the area, why were residents not given the opportunity to have input into its design?

The architects stated the residents’ concerns were not on planning grounds; we disagree.

In addition, to say the council’s decision to hold this item over was a kneejerk reaction from the councillors who did not have any idea of town planning requirements and the objections were not of a planning nature is a slight on the councillors’ ability to decide what is a reasonable building in this area.

We think there is a need for the club to converse with local residents to come up with a design for an expansion of its amenities that suits both parties so that we can live in harmony with each other.