Real reasons for collection cut

What it is actually saying, but doesn’t want to clearly spell out is that this method is extremely labour intensive, expensive, and simply can’t deliver the same recycling targets that separating rubbish at source can deliver.

The bulk of the material said to be “recycled” is composted rubbish that is being used only in agriculture on an experimental basis.

Because of mess from nappies, it is deemed unfit for use in suburban gardens by health authorities.

Paper products can never be made into recycled paper; plastics and bottles must have their lids removed by staff then sorted by hand individually on long conveyer belts and many staff are required, at great expense to ratepayers.

It’s difficult to believe that the City has chosen to use a method much like that used on the rubbish dumps of Calcutta, but with paid staff to do the sorting of mixed rubbish.

Therefore, the issue is not the verge collections, and the City is simply trying to offset the cost and ineffectiveness of single bin “recycling” that can never deliver the targets the Government requires.

It’s time for the City to revert to the commonsense and much cheaper and effective method of householders separating rubbish at home into different bins ” a method that has never been actually attempted by the City, and would lead to efficiencies that other councils achieve, without cutting verge collections.