Reinstate verge collections

RATEPAYERS’ strident criticism and adverse reaction to the council’s new verge-waste collection policy must be one of the biggest challenges the City has faced in many years.

I have been in touch with a councillor in my ward about this issue and was most surprised at some comments in the most recent email.

The councillor wrote about having “a bird’s eye view into how other councils manage their waste” and then stated: ‘The cost to other ratepayers in other local governments is significantly higher.”

However, a financial comparison between Stirling and Bayswater ” the annual charge in Bayswater is $36.50 more than Stirling’s but its residents have two 240-litre bins emptied each week and also three skip bins at a time of their choosing each year ” shows those in Stirling are losing out big time in terms of value for money.

With the next round of council elections due in October, the four adults in our household will be voting. Here is one question we will ask all candidates: if elected, will you support a move to reinstate the previous council policy of four verge-waste collections a year?

It’s a simple yes or no but only candidates who answer “yes” will be eligible for our support.

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