Opinion: Speed limits should be enforced for cyclists

IT is amazing that again cyclists are picked out as the culprits on West Coast Drive.

The simplistic answer offered that speed limits are required is ridiculous. The speed of cyclists is not the issue here; it is the way they are forced to use shared paths that is the problem.

Imposing speed limits would discourage cyclists when they should be encouraged for the obvious health and anti-traffic congestion benefits.

It is obvious if cars and pedestrians do not work together and must be separated, then why should pedestrians and cyclists be lumped together?

Nowhere else does this. If Copenhagen can get it right, why can’t we.

The real issue here is not even bike numbers; it is the artificial narrowing of the road with silly islands that create mayhem when cycle lanes are essential.

I have seen cyclists risk the road rather than put up with dogs and children on the shared path. Who can blame them?

So, how about some rigour and road design research that treats cars, pedestrians and cyclists with the respect and equity each deserves.