Roundabout dangers easily remedied

I WRITE regarding a dangerous section of the roundabout at the bottom end of Ewen Street, where vehicles entering from Birchwood Avenue encounter vehicles travelling east and downward along Ewen Street and approaching the roundabout.

The drivers can’t see each other until they are close together.

Even if vehicles deviate to avoid a possible crash, they can’t escape the adjacent major street pole and roundabout island.

Speeding drivers greatly increase the dangers. Traffic along Ewen Street is travelling too fast.

I have witnessed, on more than one occasion, vehicles actually stopping in the roundabout and giving way to vehicles entering from Ewen Street (that should be giving way) to avoid a possible accident because they are aware that the other vehicle cannot stop in time.

I believe the traffic on Ewen Street should be made to slow to 20km/h before encountering the roundabout.

A series of very affordable traffic-calming methods can achieve this.