Rubbish fiasco really stinks

MIRRABOOKA MLA Janine Freeman should do her homework before publicly playing grunge politics.

Household rubbish disposal is a basic local government service and the blame for Stirling’s ongoing recycling fiasco lies squarely with the City of Stirling, not the State Government as she falsely states, City of Stirling sorts through waste plan, May 27.

Stirling extolled the benefits of their one-bin recycling, but failed us on two counts.

First, they kept secret that they had stopped recycling until caught out months later when the Stirling Times broke the story about a resident accidentally discarding jewellery in her rubbish bin, then discovering through Inquiries that everything was being sent directly to expensive landfill.

Second, this situation was foreseeable, but the council failed appallingly by foolishly relying on one outside contracted facility, but no recycling Plan B.

The cost of this serious mismanagement will undoubtedly fall on ratepayers, with increased rates and an annual waste levy.

Additionally, there is the council’s reduced greens and junk collection, creating untidy chaos along our suburban streets.

The City of Stirling needs a good shake-up in more ways than one.

Hopefully, the proposed reduced city size will be the catalyst, making well-paid executives and council more efficiently manage the basics and our money.

SID BREEDEN, Scarborough