Rubbish just

I AM very disappointed in the City of Stirling and feel it is not looking after us, the ratepayers.

As discussed many times before, we have only one bin for all our rubbish whereas other councils give two and are now looking at introducing another bin for green waste.

We have been cut back to one verge pick-up a year, which has created rubbish being left out the front of properties and vacant blocks for months on end.

The City is spending our ratepayers’ money placing big advertisements in the local paper advising people that it is illegal to place the rubbish out on the verge nine days prior to when the clean-up is scheduled.

I’m in area 4 and our pick-up is not due until February 24. However, rubbish has been on the verges and in front of vacant blocks for about the past three weeks.

I notified the City of this and I was told a ranger would be sent to advise the owners.

However, the rubbish has doubly increased, especially along Ravenswood Drive.

Could the City please explain what it intends to do about this continuing problem?

Susanne Josic, Nollamara