Sad Subi Answer

I ATTENDED the last Feed Box Market at Scarborough beach on Saturday, December 19.

In times gone by my family enjoyed regular trips out to the Subiaco markets for lunch and shopping.

The Metropolitan Regional Authority was given the task of modernising Subiaco, which has resulted in the closure of both markets, multi-storey development on the adjacent parklands and a traffic plan that has made the area basically inaccessible to vehicles.

The subsequent reduction in patrons and retail rents in Rokeby Road following the first market closure confirmed the folly.

Now the authority has come to Scarborough.

Its key objectives are to revitalise the area and create a vibrant community experience for visitors and residents alike.

The weekly Feed Box markets were the first “green shoots” of community participation in Scarborough that I have seen in 25 years as a resident.

They closed because the grassed foreshore area they were using will be “re-developed” MRA style.

The markets were given the option of moving south of the surf club but the powers-that-be could not provide water and power for the stallholders.

How can the MRA with a multimillion mandate to revitalise Scarborough be so ignorant as to not support a weekly community-based event for the simple and inexpensive provision of a tap and a power outlet?

Unfortunately, we need only look to the desecration of Subiaco’s community assets for the answer.