Scarborough redevelopment a death knell for nature

The iconic pines of Scarborough Beach.
The iconic pines of Scarborough Beach.

I AM a concerned resident of Scarborough Beach. The roads, pool and redevelopment of Scarborough beach will be its final demise.

I am unsure if people see the damage and erosion that the sludge drains do to the beach in winter, though this will be amplified 10 fold after this destruction has taken place.

They plan to cut down the pine trees, which are iconic and have been established since I can remember. Scarborough and Trigg beaches are known for their beautiful white sands, and pristine ocean water… this pool is a joke.

The whole thing will compromise the entire stability and beauty of our lovely coast.

People who think “Scarborough is an eyesore” should go to other beaches and see the mess created there.

We do not want a mini Gold Coast. We want pure, clean and beautiful beaches. That is what brings people here, not a chlorinated pool and grassed areas.

People crave nature, and un-desecrated areas.

This plan, if it goes ahead, will have catastrophic consequences.

Nature will fight you back.


Scarborough Beach.