Scheme half-baked

AS Angela Smith has noted (Times, March 26), the City of Stirling is promoting an ‘adopt a street tree scheme’ for residents.

In 2009 a proposal was sent to the City seeking permission to conduct a community tree planting program along Weaponess Road in Scarborough and Wembley Downs. Many residents supported the concept. However, the City refused permission even though we were prepared to work with the City’s officers.

We wanted to support and promote the concept of ‘Carnaby’s friendly suburbs’ by planting vegetation conducive to supporting endangered black cockatoos.

We also actively promoted a native plant subsidy scheme in the city on a similar basis to that used in Subiaco and Nedlands. The City rejected this.

In addition, the City continues to condone the destruction of the urban tree canopy by allowing developers to destroy vegetation such as native jarrah, tuart and marri trees on private land. We end up with massive urban infill with all housing and no trees and no streetscapes.

So the City must be condemned for a ‘sanitised’ half-baked version of its own that is being done at minimal cost, will be ineffective and not conducive to providing flora suitable for foraging by native birds, let alone the black cockatoos, without including jarrah, marri, banksia and hakea trees along the streetscapes.

Wayne Monks, chairman,

Western Region

Environment Network