Selfish dog owners

For more than 25 years, I have exercised at both Carine Open Space and Lake Gwelup, something I like to do by myself for my own physical and mental health.

However, for as long as I have been doing so there has been a problem with selfish dog owners abandoning any thought for anyone but themselves and their dogs.

Over the years I have been jumped on and knocked over; seen a black swan mauled to death and had countless arguments with those who think it is funny to let their animals run into the water, relieve themselves wherever they want and let them run up to me and my baby’s pram as if its going to attack.

The only reaction is for the owners to laugh and say “Oh he’d never hurt you”.

To the few out there who genuinely have control of their dogs, or walk with them attached to a leash, I thank you for allowing me to walk in my local park in peace.

To all of the others, please start showing some consideration. Why does your right to walk your dog, and your dog’s right to run wild, trump mine?