Shaken by dog attack

WITH all the media coverage over the past few years regarding dogs ” large dogs in particular ” being let off the lead by their owners in the streets and parks and attacking other dogs, and in some cases, children, you would think by now that dog owners would be aware of the dangers of letting their dogs run loose, and they would act more responsibly.

I have lived in Stirling for 12 months now and when walking my small dog (always on a lead) around Stirling, I am amazed at how many owners allow their dogs to roam free.

One of the worst areas for this is the Stirling Civic Gardens, opposite the City of Stirling council offices.

On Sunday, May 18, I was walking my little dog along the footpath in Telford Crescent alongside the Civic Gardens towards Cedric Street when suddenly, out of nowhere, from behind a large bush, this large german shepherd dog came rushing straight for my dog.

It happened so quickly, I had no time to pick my dog up out of harm’s way.

This dog was quite aggressive.

It leapt up, knocking my dog back to the ground. It managed to lock its jaws four times on the body of my dog, but luckily not causing injury.

It if had not been for my attempts to shield my dog, and my dog trying to get away from it, the situation could have been different.

Two women aged about 20 came rushing out of the Civic Gardens as it was their dog, but they had difficulty bringing it under control.

Once things settled, I advised them that their dog must always remain on a lead.

What if my dog had been a little child walking with its parents? A dangerous situation!

Being a senior citizen, I was quite shaken up by this incident, and so was my little dog.

One would hope the Stirling council takes steps through its rangers to keep an eye on this problem in the council area.