City of Stirliing to replace verge-side collections with skip bins

Skip the bin fee

I’D have to agree with everyone who thinks verge-side collections are an ‘eyesore’. They are. However, I am disappointed that in 2015, in the City of Stirling, there will be no more verge-side collections.

Instead residents will be allocated one skip bin per year for this purpose and a fee will be incorporated into their rates every year, regardless of whether they use this bin or not, replacing the verge fee now incorporated into their rates.

Even though I am financially able to, I have not bought a pushbike for my primary-aged schoolchildren ” ever. Every bike they have had so far has been ‘re-used’ off the verge, even re-gifting one from ‘Santa’ to my daughter when she was three.

We have also picked up a swing set, a trampoline and many toys for them, thus ‘reducing” landfill. Recently, from our verge-side collection, I ‘re-used” furniture I required. Again, I could have bought the furniture.

At the same time, I ‘recycled’ my daughter’s Christmas bike back to the verge.

From time to time in my letterbox, I receive literature from the City encouraging me to ‘reduce’, ‘re-use’ and ‘recycle’. I am flummoxed and disappointed that the City is eliminating a form of ‘recycling’ that many people use and is incorporating a fee on my rates for the one skip bin I am allocated each year ” even if I don’t want it.

M. CARMODY, Doubleview