Something wrong

IT’S good to see we may get a two-bin system (Single bins under review, Times, February 18) and bravo Stirling Times for uncovering the lack of council transparency of not having been upfront to residents about recycling.

Something is seriously wrong at the City of Stirling when it needs a resident to discover accidentally that nothing has been recycled for months and all our rubbish has been going to landfill. Why then has council continued lauding its single-bin recycling system when it knew it was a sham?

At least it’s given us a new meaning to ‘rubbish’.

Rubbish control is one of local government’s basic three Rs (rates, roads, rubbish) but obvious over the past year or so was our city’s rubbish management descending into chaos.

Is this because with infill and new estate developments our bin and verge rubbish volume has become too big to handle?

If a smaller-area city emerges out of the State Government boundary changes that will mean overall less volume of rubbish with which the City management has to contend. Perhaps a benefit of a smaller City of Stirling will be better rubbish management.

SID BREEDEN, Scarborough