Nollamara resident questions rates charged by the City of Stirling

IN response to the letter in last week’s edition about the City of Stirling, all I can say is” here we go again”.

The City is suggesting that our rates could increase and our services decrease because of council amalgamations.It already charges us high rates and provides us with fewer services.

Therefore, it is not giving us, the ratepayers, the service that we pay for and which it has an obligation to do.

The City fails to mention the extra revenue it receives from the building of three or four units on one block that once had just one house.

It also receives payment from the State Government towards our rubbish disposal.

I hear no mention from the City of Stirling regarding our carbon tax charge, which was included in our rates.

The utility providers and the Department of Transport have all provided us with a refund for that tax charged.

Thanks to the Stirling Times for bringing to the ratepayers’ attention the bonuses paid.

I hope that one way or another the City of Stirling can be made more accountable for its services and charges to the ratepayers.