Staff just doing job

MY congratulations to writer Koralyn Ronchi and to others for highlighting the rort perpetuated by Stirling council regarding the payment of bonuses to senior members of staff.

How is it that these senior members receive a ratepayer ‘pat on the head’ for simply carrying out their duties as described in their job description?

I worked many years for a multinational company where Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) were the norm and personnel were required to meet them or face termination. This method really does ensure value for money, as opposed to the council’s handout scheme.

Another point of interest, the council has previously stated in a mail out to ratepayers that increases in rates, well above the CPI, are due to State Government taxes and charges.

This was refuted by Premier Colin Barnett in Parliament, when he said that the increases were due to the ever-rising costs of salaries within the City of Stirling over and above the CPI ” the chief executive, for example, being classified in Band 1 ($244,232 – 370,220).

It’s also notable that our rates did not cover the cost of multiple bins, routinely supplied by other councils, and the City has gone to the State Government for these costs, as well as for funding for the Scarborough foreshore redevelopment.

Where are the economies of scale?

It is time for a radical makeover of local government policies.


Wembley Downs