Still Waiting for Action from City of Stirling

IN previous letters published on this page, I have praised the City of Stirling but its handling of a recent request has been a major letdown.

On February 1, one of its waste collection trucks gouged two big divots out of the verge lawn when turning in front of our home at the end of the cul-de-sac.

That same morning I called the council requesting that a ranger inspect the damage, as I wanted the driver to be made aware of what he had done.

I was told rangers did not respond to such calls and details of what occurred would be forwarded to the council’s waste department. Somebody would be sent out.

Now, more than 12 days later, no person from the waste section has contacted us about the issue.

We are home most days but even if we were out, they had our phone number or could have left a note in the mailbox.

Unfortunately, it appears that the council has done nothing.

Still, we can probably count our blessings; at least the City does not run the fire department.