Still waiting

SUSANNE Josic is absolutely right in her comments (Times, January 28) about the inadequate rubbish collection in the City of Stirling.

Last year the council agreed that the new schedule of verge pick-ups ” they were halved in late 2012 without any recourse to ratepayers who flooded this newspaper with complaints ” would be subject to a review by December.

Nothing has been heard since. Has the review been conducted and if so, by whom? Surely not the council’s waste department.

In recent weeks, the local governments and environment ministers have urged all Perth councils to improve their recycling efforts, by giving ratepayers three bins.

Stirling council, by far the biggest in WA, says this is not necessary as it has a world-class system where everything in the 240-litre bin is sorted and, where possible, recycled.

What the Stirling council has not conceded, however, is that giving ratepayers three bins would more than double the amount of rubbish its trucks picked up each week.

Instead, Stirling ratepayers are limited to just a 240-litre bin collection and half the number of verge collections in the 2011-12 rates year.

It’s not good enough.

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