Stirling owes ratepayers the facts

The paper’s commendable and dogged pursuit has uncovered some details of a scheme where total transparency is required, as the Times stated in its editorial last week.

Now that Premier Colin Barnett has strongly criticised paying bonuses to public service employees, the council must give ratepayers the essential facts if it is to demonstrate the merits of its scheme.

These include disclosing the amount paid out in bonuses to all staff since the scheme’s inception in 2008, as well as listing the key performance indicators (KPIs) used to determine payments.

Six weeks ago, the Stirling Times quoted a council spokeswoman as saying: “In addition to financial considerations, the bonus scheme takes into account factors such as customer service, quality, safety, team and individual performance.”

That was a useful start but is not nearly enough to satisfy ratepayers that all those generic and rather nebulous KPI requirements can be measured accurately enough to justify bonuses to highly paid staff.

R. VOGT, Carine