Stirling’s abysmal service

I CONTACTED the City of Stirling after receiving the autumn edition of the Stirling Scene. The blurb stated that the new Community Waste Guide would be delivered early in 2013. Apparently, there was some printing glitch and the City is anticipating delivery in April.

I inquired regarding the disposal of a mattress and was told it would cost $17.50, so that now remains at home until we get the new tip passes. So I loaded up the trailer with timber, which I thought would have been recycled, no such luck. It had to be dumped and this would incur another cost.

So home I went with a full trailer wondering why I am paying rates to the City that provides such an abysmal service.

Maybe it time for the City of Stirling to start listening to the ratepayers instead of making decisions that affect the majority who want a realistic approach to the disposal of rubbish.

Robert Bates, Stirling