Times change

I have never owned a car. Female clerks didn’t get paid much for most of my working life, so I needed to be able to walk to everything.

I walked to Karrinyup Shopping Centre and bought a fridge. It still works.

There were several doctors available; Tafe computer classes were held in the Scarborough high school complex and we had Mass almost every day in the church.

Now it is so difficult to see a doctor that I have learnt to manage without my prescribed medication and when I broke my wrist, it healed itself.

I would love to learn to use the internet but I don’t know of any classes in the area.

We have fewer Masses at the church during the entire week than we used to enjoy on weekends. There are lots of things you can’t buy at the shops that you once could. If this is progress, I yearn for the past.

Technology keeps changing; it has left me behind and I have no way of catching up.

Can’t something be done to ease the problems of people who don’t have their own wheels but want to keep their independence?

I am not ready for the scrapheap yet.