Ugly cranes, congested roads in Scarborough

The proposed Scarborough development.
The proposed Scarborough development.

ARE we some of the only Scarborough residents looking forward to a skyline without ugly cranes and roads congested with concrete mixers trucks?

How can we even consider developments that are so audaciously in excess of regulations?

The proposed apartments towers will be 38 and 43-storeys high, which is almost four times the height limit in the planning guidelines and two and a half times the height of Hotel Rendezvous.

It will be completely out of scale with the surrounding area and cast a long, windy, dark shadow over much of Scarborough.

Keeping Scarborough Beach a beautiful place for people to swim in the ocean and the wonderful new beachfront facilities, would change if 3 Oceans get the approval to build their ‘Iconic Twin Towers’ on the corner of West Coast Highway and Scarborough Beach Road, which is a shocking intersection and a nightmare for commuters, especially in peak hours, along West Coast Highway every day, morning and evening.

The disruption and road closures during the long construction period and continued chaos after completion, and so much more lack of parking than at present in the area, would be horrendous and keep people away from Scarborough Beach.