Unrealistic ideal

Gone are the days where a man would club a woman and drag her into a cave, but we have defaulted to other means to gain attention.

Some women such as myself haven’t been endowed like Pamela Anderson, although she had implants to look like that.

The trouble is women are trying to emulate a unrealistic image portrayed by the media.

Even the celebrities don’t actually look that good because they airbrush the photos.

We women buy the magazines, not really questioning the falseness of the images, and if we do, the magazines just keep doing it because to print a celebrity looking ‘normal’ doesn’t bring in the big bucks.

I have had friends die of breast cancer and have a relative who has survived breast cancer and then opted to have her other breast removed for survival benefits.

I have also had a friend reduce her breasts due to back pain.

It is a vanity to have breast implants, but if it makes someone feel better about themselves, we shouldn’t make them feel guilty for it.