What a waste

First it was Carine Rise and now the Gwelup bike path.

On reading the article Trees sacrificed for cycle path, May 27, I became so upset with this latest project that I just had to pen a letter.

Some of the decisions being made for ‘development’ of the area seem to have no regard for the natural environment.

This particular project to build a new bike path in this area is senseless and unwarranted.

I live in Carine and ride my bike to the city along this route nearly every day.

The current cycle route along the quiet road parallel to the new path was completely fine.

I’m all for improving cycleways, but there was simply no need to ‘improve’ this section given the existing path was quite suitable.

They could have saved the money, saved the trees and provided another safer cycle route in an area where one didn’t already exist.

If I lived there, I would be furious!