What big plans?

A GREAT photo opportunity for local MP Liza Harvey with the bold heading ‘Big plans brewing for Doubleview’ (Times, October 22)… yes most of us would agree with that statement.

Liza is quoted as saying: ‘I am not surprised Doubleview has been tagged as an area of potential accessibility and character’. Well, what a welcome surprise as if many of us hadn’t realised for many years that Doubleview is an exceptionally attractive suburb.

Therefore, what actually is happening in reference to the ‘big plans’ and State Government surveys don’t generate big plans. The article fails to mention this aspect.

So is the State Government going to inject funds into Doubleview to start activating these big plans?

Unfortunately, it has other priorities such as waterfront projects, new stadiums and the sackings of public sector workers.

Yes, the cafes and other shops are great but Doubleview needs a big lift in improving the amenity including beautification of the streetscape and better safety for residents.

Moreover, funds for light rail: yes, we do have a rapid transport bus service but isn’t this the 21st century.

With the Liberal Government’s loss of its AAA rating and cutbacks in expenditure and its massive debt, then light rail for Scarborough Beach Road is just a dream.

So Liza, please tell us what are the big plans for Doubleview?

WAYNE MONKS, Wembley Downs.