What ‘plans’?

SO Sid Breeden is now the self- appointed spokesperson for Liza Harvey (Woes added, Times, November 12) and I reiterate that the earlier article headlined ‘Big plans brewing for Doubleview’ was just a photo opportunity by the local MP without any substance in the article about what the big plans are.

Why are they such a mystery Liza?

Yes, the issue might be a local government matter so why is the local MP getting a photo shot? So where is the connection?

So, Sid reckons the light rail infrastructure along Scarborough Beach Road is 20 years away and he states ‘it is just one of several long-term big projects for our area’.

Is he part of the inner circle of the State Government when the latter has no plans for light rail to Scarborough?

Its own plans to get light rail to Mirrabooka will not even commence in this term of parliament, especially when all of us know that the Government has wasted the royalties from the mining ‘boom’, has lost its AAA rating and is spending taxpayers’ funds on waterfront projects and stadiums.

The City of Stirling has plans for every precinct so why doesn’t the local MP engage with the City to promote the development of Doubleview shopping precinct and cut out these photo shoots.

But then where is she when it comes to council mergers?

So Sid and Liza what are the ‘big plans’ for Doubleview that we all would like to know about?

Please don’t keep us in suspense.

Wayne Monks,

Wembley Downs