Wrong time of the year to lop trees

Necessary, but used at the wrong time of the year.
Necessary, but used at the wrong time of the year.

AGAIN, I hear the chain saws grinding away as the street trees are lopped.

This happens every second year to keep trees away from powerlines, which is a good thing for safety reasons.

This is the time of the year when our birds are building or have already built their nests so why on earth do the cutting at this time of the year?

It makes more sense to do it in July and August.

On the occasions that I have rung the City of Stirling, I have been met with very illogical reasoning with the response that it is the only time to do it as the City has a big area to cover.

That is rubbish because a lot of the area has underground power and with a little common sense (ha ha) it could be well managed.

Just drive by and have a look at all the distressed birds on the powerlines when they find their nests gone.

We do all we can to attract birds to the area as the City blindly allow development to blaze ahead with no concern for our wildlife, although this attitude may be changing.

I have a cat who is registered and microchipped as required by the City, wears bells and has never killed a bird (although she watches them) and we have large trees in our backyard where birds are nesting and they even nest in boxes provided.

Yet there are so many spits about cats getting birds and they have to be licensed etc, etc.

However, the City destroys more birds in one week than my cat would in a lifetime just because it does not see fit to prune around this once-a-year event.