Game for a challenge

time to Give dance a sporting chance
time to Give dance a sporting chance

There are the usual suspects such as football, soccer, basketball and cricket and, on the odd occasion, I get to write about lacrosse, surfing, lawn bowls and even dance.

Earlier this year I was issued a challenge by my colleagues to ‘walk the talk’.

After careful consideration, I chose to give our readers a taste of what is available in the community.

While some may say dance is not considered a sport, I decided to put on my dancing shoes anyway and persuaded a colleague or two to join in.

My first stop was Zouk dancing at the Maureen Grierson Community Recreation Centre in Scarborough.

Run by WA Zouk, this group is dedicated to promoting all styles of partner dancing in Perth, with particular emphasis on Brazilian style dancing including Zouk Lambada, Lambazouk, Samba de Gafieira, Forro and Angolan style Kizomba.

My colleagues and I had a go at learning fluid dancing in a basic format, run by instructor Ben Stowell and organiser John Robbins.

The moves comprise steps taken back and forth, side steps and of course, the obligatory twirl.

Having danced Salsa before, I found the dance, while aesthetically beautiful, difficult to grasp.

In Salsa, the woman steps backwards, but in Zouk the woman steps forwards hence the confusion. However after a few prompts from Ben, I managed to get my head around the movements and within the hour had the basic steps wrapped up.

A little more practice to music and we were all enjoying the beautiful Brazilian dance at sunset by the beach ” how magical is that?

The group holds classes on Saturdays, from 6pm, over the summer months on the centre rooftop with a summertime samba session on the last weekend of the month.

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