New online court booking service makes it easier to hold Wembley Downs Tennis Club courts

WEMBLEY Downs Tennis Club has launched an online court booking system, one of seven pilot clubs in WA to have the technology.

City of Stirling Mayor Giovanni Italiano launched the new initiative ‘Book-a-Court’ that allows online payment, keyless entry and around-the-clock access to the courts via a pin pad.

Once a player books a court online, it connects with a pin-pad at the gate, turning on the lights when a player enters their unique booking pin on the keypad.

The system is available to both members and non-members, with a focus on encouraging greater accessibility and convenience to members of the local community.

Wembley Downs Tennis Club president Peter Doherty said the system provided the community with a user-friendly process.

“For clubs like Wembley Downs that rely on volunteers, this systems provides the community with an easy process for booking our courts that negates the need for a volunteer to be available to unlock the gates and turn on the lights,” he said.

“Additionally the digital and social marketing that compliments the online system allows community members to easily make a court booking through our club website.”

Tennis West chief executive Michael Roberts said the system was the “way of the future for tennis”.

“The platform meets modern consumer expectations by providing a convenient, easy, online platform to book and access your local court. From the club’s perspective, this will reduce the administrative burden, and help to increase court hire revenue,” he said

“This system will help to change the tennis landscape in WA by making our courts more accessible and open to the community.”