Stirling: Tuscany Association WA hosting National Bocce Championships this weekend

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THE Tuscany Association WA in Stirling will host the National Bocce Championships for the first time this long weekend.

There will be nine teams competing at the championships, including WA men and women’s teams.

WA first competed at the Nationals in 1971 and has hosted the event on nine previous occasions.

Federation Sport Bocce of WA president Jason Tutt said the Tuscany club was excited to host the competition, which last came to WA in 2012.

“Last year they travelled to Sydney to see what they needed to do, and over the last year they have been updated the bocce drome and the club,” he said.

“All the work is done by volunteers and the club looks great.

“Of our four Bocce Clubs in WA, we have representatives from each (including) Mafalda Zambon is a player coach who has been involved with the WA state team in 21 of the 22 years of competition.

“Mario Vacca is the coach for the men’s team and has an amazing wealth of knowledge.”

Tutt said the club hoped WA could win many trophies at the championships.

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