WAFL Fathering Project Round: free entry to all games for dads and kids

The Fathering Project founder Bruce Robertson.
The Fathering Project founder Bruce Robertson.

The WAFL Fathering Project Round this Saturday offers free entry to all games.

The Fathering Project is a not-for-profit charity whose mission is to inspire and encourage fathers and father figures “to be the best dads they can be” by being pro-active in the lives of their children.

It does this primarily by helping dads to set up “Champion” Dads’ Groups in schools, supported by research into fathering and a website full of activities and tips.

Activities planned at WAFL games for the Fathering Project Round include Little League with dads playing against the kids, running races, kick to kick, goal kicking competitions and WAFL merchandise giveaways.

The Fathering Project is seeking keen dads to form “Champion” Dads’ Groups and develop fathering activities in their local schools.

The Channel 7 broadcast game at East Fremantle Oval will also include food trucks, a bouncy castle and a handball race with dads and kids.

For more information visit www.TheFatheringProject.org