Cheers to success

Brian and Heather Hunt share a 12-year labour of love.
Brian and Heather Hunt share a 12-year labour of love.

In 2001 Brian and Heather Hunt began planting vines on their Swan Valley property, which had not previously been a vineyard.

The Hunts had a dream of running a small boutique winery and have slowly been growing the business, tending to the vines, pruning, hand-picking the grapes and producing small-batch quality wines.

Over the years they have crafted unique estate-grown wines on the Memorial Avenue property in Baskerville, including a blended chardonnay-verdelho wine called Golden Georgia, rose, cabernet sauvignon, shiraz and red and white ports.

The growing conditions of 2011 produced a particularly special cabernet sauvignon grape suitable for production of a sparkling wine.

These hand-picked grapes were harvested early to retain their natural acid levels and the finished wine converted to a sparkling style using the traditional French manner of methode champenoise.

The sparkling wine ” a labour of love for Brian and Heather ” resulted in a limited release of just 60 cases.