$5950 fine for health breach

The case was heard in the Midland Magistrates Court last month.

Business owner Gerardus Hanssen pleaded guilty through his legal representative to breaching three regulations.

City CEO Mike Foley said the council had prosecuted Mr Hanssen for allowing a receptacle for drainage (leach drains) to be covered with a surface treatment, namely a driveway, and for interfering with an apparatus for the treatment of sewage without approval.

‘While onsite on other business, the city’s environmental health officer observed liquid wastes pooling on the surface,’ Mr Foley said. ‘The property owner was slow to respond to the issues raised, despite the potential public health risk.

‘As such, the city could not let the matter continue indefinitely and pursued enforcement action.’

Mr Foley said it was important that all businesses ensured their onsite effluent disposal systems were maintained to prevent any risk to the public or nuisance to their neighbours in terms of odour. For more information on environmental health issues, contact the city on 9267 9267.