Accommodation boom

The Vines Country Club and Resort has run at a minimum of 95 per cent capacity since the MH370 search focus shifted to the southern Indian Ocean. Vines reservation supervisor Ashley Wood said guests from America, New Zealand, Australia and China had been keeping the resort busy.

‘Some days we are at 100 per cent. They keep calling up and adding days, so I suppose it will remain like this until the search is over,’ she said.

Even the RAAF barracks reached capacity, meaning officers had to seek accommodation elsewhere in the Swan Valley region.

Swan Valley Oasis Resort has also stayed close to capacity, with many large bookings coming in with just a few hours’ notice, according to receptionist Stephanie Vedra.

‘It’s been really good for business because we’re not really that busy in March,’ she said.

City of Swan chief executive Mike Foley said the local government’s visitor centre had directed ‘a considerable number’ of people to accommodation within the area.

‘The Swan Valley Visitor Centre has booked accommodation in the region for a number of international and national media outlets and is aware that some other outlets have booked direct with local accommodation suppliers,’ he said.

A CNN employee said ‘everything closes early here’.