Brookleigh Equestrian Centre hosts two-day animal rescue master class

Animal rescue clinic at Brookleigh Equestrian Centre. Picture: David Baylis
Animal rescue clinic at Brookleigh Equestrian Centre. Picture: David Baylis

EMERGENCY service personnel have taken part in a two-day master class in large animal rescue.

International large animal rescue expert Anton Phillips taught the class, which was held at Brookleigh Equestrian Centre.

Large animal rescue educator Mary-Anne Leighton spoke at the event, which was attended by rangers, vets, large animal owners, SES and the Department of Fire and Emergency Services.

Ms Leighton said the master class was the first of its kind in Australia and was necessary for educating emergency service providers.

“The master class shows people what to do in an emergency situation, where a large animal may become trapped and how people can keep themselves safe and rescue the animal,” she said.

“The class teaches them what is the safest way to rescue the animal from different scenarios and what not to do.

“Often many people who work in emergency are called to help rescue animals, regardless of if they have any experience with rescuing large animals, so it’s important to learn what the safest way to help these animals is and make sure they aren’t harmed in the process.”

Ms Leighton said one of the most important tools to know was that an owner should never try rescuing their own animal, but call professionals to do it.

“If an animal becomes trapped the best thing to do is call 000 because people are emotional and stressed and become injured while trying to rescue them, so it’s always best to call professionals,” she said.

“The hope is that out of these master classes the relevant departments talk together and educate each other on what to do.”

If you are interested in taking part in a clinic on large animal rescue contact Diane Bennit from the WA Horse Council on 0409 083 617.