Builder and supervisor Promeq Pty Ltd and Molouky Pty Ltd fined for work on Bullsbrook property

TWO building partners and a supervisor have been fined thousands of dollars after they failed to get a building permit before starting work on a Bullsbrook property.

The Building Services Board fined West Perth building partnership Promeq Pty Ltd and Molouky Pty Ltd $3000 ($1500 each partner), as well as its supervisor Muin Qaqish of Subiaco $1000, for negligent and misleading conduct.

The disciplinary action also related to work done on two other properties in Maylands and North Perth between November 2009 and April 2010.

Among other things, the partnership was negligent in that its contracts provided for it to receive a deposit in excess of 6.5 per cent and it demanded a payment prior to obtaining a policy of home indemnity insurance and providing the certificate of insurance to all three owners; and the partnership was misleading as it stated a lower amount than the contract value on its building permit application to the City of Swan for work at the Bullsbrook property.

The partnership is no longer registered after volunteering to have its building service contractor registration cancelled by the Board last year.

Mr Qaqish remains a registered builder at an individual capacity only.