Bullsbrook: Hazardous chemicals dumped in Gnangara Pine Plantation

A photo of the dumped chemicals.
A photo of the dumped chemicals.

THE Department of Water and Environmental Regulation is calling for community assistance after another chemical dumping put Perth’s drinking water at risk.

Hazardous chemicals including hydrochloric acid were found dumped in a groundwater protection area of Warbrook Road in the Gnangara Pine Plantation on Monday afternoon.

Officers from the department discovered the chemicals while patrolling the area and alerted the Pollution Response Unit to clean up the waste.

A photo of the dumped chemicals.

Unit senior manager Ken Raine said the dumping was a serious offence with potential to significantly impact the community and the environment.

He urged anyone who witnessed the dumping to report it.

“We are hoping that someone may have seen a vehicle/s in the area at the time or heard someone talking about this,” Mr Raine said.

“This area is popular with trail bikes and four wheel drive enthusiasts, so the dangers associated with chemicals of this nature being dumped are high.

“The container located at the dump site indicated that the chemicals could be laboratory reagents.”

Anyone with information is asked to call Pollution Watch on 1300 784 782.

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