Bullsbrook resident wants State Govt to build affordable aged care eco village

Stephen Dobson: This type of aged care would be popular for people from the regions. Picture: David Baylis          d466261
Stephen Dobson: This type of aged care would be popular for people from the regions. Picture: David Baylis        d466261

A BULLSBROOK resident is in negotiations with the State Government over plans to build an affordable aged care eco-village.

Stephen Dobson is attempting to bypass current planning framework that does not allow for development in his area due to environmental concerns, in the hope to get his plans off the ground.

He said the plan, which would include solar panels, aquaponics, vegetable gardens and chickens, would be a low impact facility for retirees not wanting to live in the confines of four walls.

He said the facility would be developed on his and other neighbouring properties and believed it would reduce the prevalence of hoons and illegal dumping in the area.

“I’ve been in talks with local and state representatives and I’ve had some good feedback,” he said. “The WAPC look at a retirement village concept as an urban use, so we’re trying to simplify it.”

Mr Dobson said there were planning restrictions in place due to the nearby Western Swamp Tortoise habitat enclosure. The habitat was no longer successful, with a 90 per cent mortality rate on the endangered species in the area.

He suggested the habitat be moved to somewhere where the species would do better.

“With an ever-ageing population, the City of Swan has acknowledged in its Ageing Population Strategy 2016 that there is a critical shortage of aged housing and has highlighted Ellenbrook and Bullsbrook as having the highest need,” he said.

“The problem with the State planning approach to aged housing is that it is considering micro housing in an urban setting as an affordable option, which would not provide a high amenity let alone community, whereas an eco village would provide both and in a semi-rural setting.

“This type of aged care would also be popular for people coming from the regions wanting to be closer to the CBD for essential health services but also enjoying a semi-rural lifestyle.”

If you are interested in supporting the plan you can contact Stephen Dobson at landowners_actiongroup@outlock.com