Bullsbrook: toxic weed cotton bush spreading through area

Bullsbrook: toxic weed cotton bush spreading through area

CITY of Swan is asking residents to help stop the spread of a toxic weed, which is quickly spreading through Bullsbrook.

Cotton bush, which is toxic to both humans and animals, is a declared pest and has taken over some regional areas of WA.

Mayor Mick Wainwright said the weed has been spreading quickly through regional.

“Cotton bush very common in paddocks, around creeks and wetlands, on roadsides, and any areas with disturbed soil such as ploughed firebreaks and eroded slopes,” he said.

“It invades run down or low fertility pastures and takes over valuable plants such as clover.

“The City has been removing the weed in a co-ordinated effort with local landholders in the Bullsbrook area and is available to provide advice on control and removal for private property owners.”

The weed can be found at any time of year, but is most noticeable in summer and autumn when plants have their flowers and fruits.

For more information on the control and removal of the weed contact the City of Swan on 9267 9267.

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