Bullsbrook: waste site opposed

Bullsbrook: waste site opposed

THE City of Swan will reconsider a proposal for a waste removal site in Bullsbrook tonight following advice from the State Administrative Tribunal.

Councillors voted against the proposal in October last year, which would allow for a waste removal facility that processes, tests and removes contaminated material, because it did not fit with the zoning of the land.

Ellen Brook Integrated Catchment Group spokeswoman Sue Metcalf spoke against the proposal at council’s agenda forum last week, with concerns of contamination.

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Ms Metcalf said the group had reviewed the proposal and was concerned over potential contamination, particularly with its proximity to the nearby Ellen Brook and the home of the western swamp tortoise.

“The Ellen Brook is constantly under threat from development, especially from the dumping of waste,” she said.

“I do not understand how the Department of Environment Regulation can approve this… especially with the risk of contamination run-off to the western swamp tortoise.”

Bullsbrook resident David Symons spoke against the proposal, saying that dust, noise and contamination were a concern to those surrounding the property.