Catchment change vexes parents

The southern part of Caversham is now in the East Beechboro Primary School catchment following a recent rezoning.

There was a State Government commitment to build a primary school in �Caversham south� by 2017, but the plan was abandoned because �analysis showed that a school was needed more urgently in West Byford�.

Caversham PS�s catchment now includes other urban growth corridor suburbs like the new estates of Caversham, Brabham, Dayton, Henley Brook and West Swan.

West Swan MLA Rita Saffioti said some local parents were told their children would no longer receive priority to go to Caversham PS because they were no longer in the school�s catchment.

�The parents in that area have been told they can�t send their children to Caversham because it is now servicing the other growth area north of Reid Highway,� she said.

Parents in Caversham formed a Facebook site Build Caversham South Primary School Now following news the plan for a second primary school had been shelved.

Josephine Dennis, who is looking for a place to send her son to kindergarten next year, called Caversham PS and said she was discouraged to apply because her son was no longer in the school�s catchment.

�I was told my son would be at the bottom of the list,� she said.

Caversham PS said it did not inform prospective parents they could not apply to enrol their children at the school.

The Department of Education�s $4.5 million parcel of land in south Caversham is still vacant, apart from a sign that says a school will be there soon.