Census: ABS urges displaced people to accurately fill out forms

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THE Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) is encouraging families and individuals displaced from their homes due to natural disasters to complete the 2016 Census fully and accurately on Tuesday, August 9 and help make a difference in rebuilding affected areas.

The Census aims to count more than 24 million people and ten million households across the nation, including those who have been forced to move to neighbouring towns or temporary accommodation.

WA Census director David Waymouth said Census data played an important role in informing planning decisions and rebuilding efforts.

“The Census provides a detailed snapshot of how many people live in, or intend to return to areas like Yarloop that have experienced natural disasters,” Mr Waymouth said.

“The data collected is used to allocate funding to these towns and regions for schools, hospitals, accommodation, roads and many other services and infrastructure projects.”

If you are currently living in temporary accommodation or staying with family or friends due to a natural disaster but intend to return to your home when possible, it is important to put your home address as your usual place of residence.

If you have found a new place of residence due to being displaced from a natural disaster and are not returning to the disaster-affected area, please mark this new address as your usual place of residence.

From late July to early August the majority of households across the country will receive a letter from the ABS, addressed ‘To the Resident’, which will include a unique login code and instructions on how to complete the Census online.

For those people who cannot complete the Census online or wish to complete a paper form, this can be easily requested.