Change of federal government inspires business confidence

The State Government oversaw a metropolitan region scheme amendment for almost 430ha of land south of the RAAF Pearce Air Base, which has changed the land zoning to industrial.

The land is located between Great Northern Highway and the future Perth-Darwin National Highway (PDNH).

The amendment from rural to industrial use came into effect in October last year.

Maurice Maroney, from selling age Sudlow & Associates, said interest in land increased markedly since the Coalition was elected last month.

‘People have become very optimistic about the Bullsbrook area and the change of Government has given industry the confidence to spend capital,’ he said.

‘The logistic company K&S is spending $13 million on land and that will take up any unemployment in Bullsbrook, as well as introduce people to the area.’

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has committed $615 million towards stage 1 construction of the PDNH, also known as the Swan Valley bypass.

Stage 1 will involve construction of a new 37km highway between the intersection of Tonkin and Reid highways and Great Northern Highway, near Muchea.

Swan Hills MP Frank Alban said construction of the project was scheduled to start in 2016.

‘Main Roads anticipate that stakeholder and community engagement will commence early next year,’ Mr Alban said.

‘Once this is complete, we will have a much better understanding of this important project and the benefits it will deliver for our community.’

Mr Maroney said Bullsbrook’s industrial zone ‘will be a boom for the large transport operators.’

‘The subdivision has been very well received from people looking to relocate into the area,’ he said.

‘The big companies are now prepared to spend their money because they are fully aware that the Perth-Darwin Highway will become a reality.’

Caroline Frank