City of Swan adopts new public art policy

City of Swan adopts new public art policy

CITY of Swan councillors have voted through a review on the public art policy, which aims to enhance history and culture through public art.

Councillors voted for the officer’s recommendation 11-3 at last month’s council meeting.

The policy means that any new development within the City must make a fair and reasonable contribution towards public artworks, to promote the identity of the local community.

Development projects within the City of Swan with a construction cost of $2 million or more will now need to contribute at least one per cent of its cost towards public art.

Swan chief executive Mike Foley said it was important to maintain local history.

“It is important that local developments contribute towards public art within the City to ensure that significant new developments celebrate and enhance the local history and culture, as well as promote a sense of identity and reflect the values of an innovative forward-looking City,” he said.

“The City is already home to some well-love public art pieces and this policy ensures that as a city it continues to grow, so will the collection of local artworks.”