City of Swan buzzed to start mosquito control program

CITY of Swan is ramping up its pest control program ahead of mosquito season.

Mayor Mick Wainwright said the program aimed to prevent mosquito breeding and stop the spread of mosquito-borne diseases.

“Our staff regularly monitor and eliminate potential mosquito breeding sites around the City by setting traps and inspecting water areas for larva.

He said the City was also trying to empower the community to take their own action ahead of mosquito season.

“We encourage you to follow three simple steps to minimise the presence of mosquitoes and reduce their impact on your health and lifestyle,” he said.

“Cover up by wearing loose fitting and preferably light coloured clothing, which covers your body as much as possible, and repel by using repellents.

“Clean up areas that mosquitoes can breed by keeping your pool well chlorinated, filtered and free from dead leaves, empty and clean your pet’s drinking water regularly and empty stagnant water from unused containers.”

For more information on the mosquito control program call 9267 9153.