City of Swan unhappy with National Stronger Regions Fund changes

The City of Swan administration building.
The City of Swan administration building.

CITY of Swan has criticised changes to the National Stronger Regions Fund, expressing that outer metropolitan councils were being neglected.

City of Swan Mayor Mick Mainwright said under a re-elected Liberal Government the fund would be rebranded and outer metropolitan councils would be excluded from budget allocations.

“The City of Swan is one of 25 councils in the National Growth Areas Alliance, all of which are experiencing population growth twice the national rate,” he said.

“The City of Swan is consistently listed in the fastest growing local government areas in WA… this kind of growth brings with it many benefits, but also additional pressure on council to provide new infrastructure.”

He said the cost of this infrastructure placed significant stress on the council.

“Like many other growth Councils, we need financial support from the State and Federal Governments – much more so than local governments with little to no population growth,” he said.

“If outer metropolitan areas are excluded from applying for grants through this fund, where will be able to turn? There is no other fund for us. We can’t just sit back quietly and let this happen.”

The City of Swan has made a submission through the National Stronger Regions Fund.

“We have applied for funding towards the bridge over the Ellen Brook at Upper Swan,” he said.

“This is an important project for the region and we hope this will be considered. We also hope that the proposed changes to this fund will e considered to allow outer metropolitan councils access to it.”