Company seeks longer quarry licence

A five-year licence was issued by the City of Swan on April 23.

When the council met in December last year, it recommended that five-year periods were suitable and did not agree to a higher time frame.

But State law does permit for a 20-year period for extractive industries ” if the Environment Minister grants approval.

Hanson is seeking a longer licence through an appeal to the State Administrative Tribunal.

The City’s planning officer recommended the council extend its approval to 10 years at a council meeting on Wednesday, which several residents spoke against.

The council agreed to extend the licence with conditions including sales delivery trucks accessing the quarry between 6am and 6pm be limited to only exporting the finished product and sales delivery trucks not operating on public holidays.

It asked the WAPC to include a condition of approval that the Department of Environment and Conservation monitor the water quality of Susannah Brook, with the results being made available and accessible to the general public.