Compounds at Ellenbrook Park ‘Third World’

Clem D’Art is concerned about the state of two compounds near his home.  Picture: David Baylis   d452300
Compounds at Ellenbrook Park ‘Third World’
Clem D’Art is concerned about the state of two compounds near his home. Picture: David Baylis d452300

Clem D’Art has lived opposite Forest View Park for 10 years and said over the past three years the ugly storage area had become an eyesore.

“There are two compounds on the northern side of the park, which is Housing Authority land that hasn’t been built on yet,” he said.

“The area around these compounds is covered in illegally dumped construction rubbish.

“I have been in contact with the developer, City of Swan, my local councillor, my local MP and the federal MP.”

When The Advocate visited the site, a large sea container covered in graffiti had just been removed.

However, rubbish such as bricks, split open cement bags, pallets, glass and plastic bottles were still visible.

Mr D’Art said a major issue was people using the site as a toilet.

“There is a significant amount of faecal matter deposited throughout the area,” he said.

“This has now apparently been dealt with, under the instruction and request of City of Swan to the developer.

“But the method of dealing with this has been to cover the faecal matter with a layer of sand, which the City of Swan said ‘mitigated the risk.

“That still allows the used toilet paper to be visible; it’s totally unacceptable.

“I did not believe I was living in a Third World country, but if this is the response to a public health complaint, well then I believe I must be.”

Developer LWP Property Group said it was aware of the concerns of the resident, and dealt with them as soon as project management was made aware of the issues.

“The compound is locked, however the surrounding area is easily accessible,” Ellenbrook town centre project manager Megan Buckland said.

“Unfortunately, we are faced with continuing issues of illegal dumping near this and other compounds, which we are in liaison with relevant local authorities on a regular basis.

“This particular compound is used for the storage of landscape materials and machinery for park maintenance and construction.

“We store such materials on site for ease of access on a daily basis.

“This compound however will be moved in the next two to four months.”

Mr D’Art said he had written to LWP Property Group and received no reply; he then visited their office and was told the compounds would be staying for another four months.

“While the construction of Verdun Vista was going on – opposite Forest View Park – I did not have a problem with it,” he said.

“I understood the compounds were useful in the construction of the area.

“But they’ve just been left there now and the piles of rubbish are detracting significantly from the visual amenity of the area.”

The City confirmed the land was owned by the Housing Authority and said consequently, there was not much it could do.

“It is the responsibility of LWP, the (Housing Authority) and their contractors to keep this site safe and clean,” City of Swan chief executive Mike Foley said.

Mr D’Art said he would continue to fight until the site was cleaned up.

“Now the homes are completed there’s no need for the compound and its associated construction rubbish,” he said.

“Ellenbrook is meant to be a world’s best master planned community, but I struggle with that given the current state.”