Cray boat breaks loose in big storm

The Sicora Rose on the rocks.
The Sicora Rose on the rocks.

Just before noon the $300,000 25-tonne boat drifted ashore near the lead lights.

Lancelin ranger Danny Benoiton received a call about 11.30am.

‘When I arrived, the vessel was still drifting towards land,” he said. ‘There was nothing we could do but watch it run aground.’

Department of Fire and Emergency Service and Lancelin Sea Rescue were advised but there was little that could be done.

Local fishermen secured the vessel with ropes before owner Kevin Ostle arrived in town to take over the rescue.

He tied two ropes from the boat to a Jeep, positioned just over a dune, which acted as an anchor, limiting further damage.

Sicora Rose is the most northerly moored boat in Lancelin and the vessel drifted in a north-easterly direction, towards the beach.

Had it drifted south, the potential for damage to other boats and the jetty would have been significant.